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Storage media can come from just about anything, such as wicker chests trunks, made of rattan, a type of tree that grows in the tropics, the most widely grown in the Indonesian jungle, Borneo and Sumatra is a main supplier of rattan in the world, nearly 75% of imported rattan abroad every year, anyway, wicker chests trunks used for media storage, natural and unique design became the choice of many people, using wicker chests trunks for storing items like books and your laundry needs, very suitable for use as a room decoration in your home.

Do you know rattan have better resistance than regular woods? With flexible texture and strong will be positive thing for you, as you use the wicker chests trunks as the storage media, then you must think about the thing you want to store at it, but as the decoration of your room, I recommended that you should choose the right color, not too bright but still catchy as always, many design of wicker chests trunks provide on the global market, it prove that people prefer to use it to fill their needs, the original one has the most high price than the others.

But now, you can make your own wicker chests trunks, you may think it’s difficult for you to make one of those don’t you? But with the right way and proper method, this thing will be more easy for you to try, first you have to find the material, you can buy rattan wood on the material store, as the imported brand, don’t be surprised if it has little high price, after you get the material, you have to decide what kind of design that you want to make, the right pattern will help you do it easily, just simply follow the pattern you’ve made, it’s quite like embroidery thing, do it carefully, patience is the key, well that’s it you can start making your own wicker chests trunks.


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