Wall Mounted Cubby Storage

Beautifull Wall Mounted Cubby Storage

Wall mounted cubby storage is a great storage item that provides accessible spaces while space saving design. so, this is usually mounted to the wall with some cubbies provided to store some different items. the place to mount the cubbies are varied it can be mudroom, bedroom or even closet. So, having this kind of storage will be really helpful for your small home.


The amazing thing about wall mounted cubby storage is not only in the way it can keep your things in accessible spaces, but also the way it can give more decorative look to your home. Having a wall mounted cubby storage in your home means that you have the opportunity to decorate the room. There are some things that you can do to make your cubby storage not only functional, but also decorative. The inside of the wall can be the most appropriate area for decorating your wall cubby. You can paint it or make patterns to enhance the look of your wall cubby. If you don’t like painting, or if painting is too difficult to be done in such narrow area, you can simply cut a piece of cardboard and cover it with a piece of patterned fabric. After that, you can press it to the back of the wall and you will instantly make your cubby storage more beautiful. Instead of fabric, you can also use photo collage to the back of the wall. this is easy and fun since you can regularly change the image. If your room is too plain you can add more pops of color by painting the rim around the wall cubby. The color should complement the wall color to integrate the décor well.

Those are some simple ideas that you can apply to decorate your wall mounted cubby storage so that you will get a more decorative look to your home.

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