Tips to Decorating Small Bedrooms More Spacious

Decorating Small Bedrooms with Tall Heardboard with White Rug

In decorating small bedrooms, you need some smart tricks to make them look bigger and more spacious. Small bedroom tends to be look cluttered if the arrangement is not proper. If it happens, the function of the bedroom as the place for resting and relaxing will not be achieved. Actually there are some ways to change the limited spaces to be more spacious by adding some creative touch.

The very first thing to do in decorating small bedrooms is by choosing the bed itself as the main focal of the room. It is better to choose a medium or small size depends on your need. It is to save more spaces so that it will not occupy the space for the other furniture. The lower one is also advisable to make the room look more spacious. Next trick is the choice of the colors of the room. The light and bright colors are considered as good choice since it will reflect the lighting that make the room look spacious. Dark colors, such as black or dark purple will make the room compact. Try to apply white and cream colors to add the refreshing look for the room. The other idea is by maximizing the furniture’s function or selecting the double duty furniture to minimize the space consuming. Instead of using a cabinet, we can use the storage under the bed to keep the clothes, or attaching the book shelf on the wall. It will keep the floor clear and provide wider space to move. Then, the choice of the curtain pattern and bedspread should be harmonious with the color of the wall. Do not choose the crowded pattern. Flow the bed sheets in all directions because it will make the room look longer.

And, the last but not least about decorating small bedrooms is the lighting. Provide natural light as much as possible through the large window is the best consideration. Place the light close to the bed, and possibly apply wall mounted lamps. Or you may put a mirror to create a space illusion.

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