Modern home interiors

What do we mean by ‘modern home interiors’? Modernism was a movement in art that emphasized sharp angles, hard surfaces, shiny materials, and judicious but impactful use of color.

Modern home interiors are designed partly as a reaction to the ‘Old World’ look, which was full of upholstery and bric-a-brac. In contrast to that, the modern trend in interior design is towards simplicity. There are no more objects in the room than are necessary.

Some specifics: floors tend to be hardwood rather than carpet. Ceiling lights are either recessed or have simple lampshades made of glass. The walls, floor and ceiling tend to be monochromatic, in neutral colors like beige, with color used sparingly, in accents like lampshades, rather than as a main feature.


Gallery of Modern home interiors

Timber framing is popular in modern design. It prevents it from appearing too stark, adding some warmth and natural texture.This Japense-inspired modern interior design uses dark wood to contrastThe red couch and wood add warmth to the whiteness of the roomNote the minimal use of color in this modern design.An artists concept of modern interior designThis ultra-modern design is typical of the 1970sThis is a mostly modern design, with the filing cabinets adding a touch of the Old World

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