How to Make Unique DIY Coat Rack

DIY Coat Rack Original Name Design

Coat rack is a space saving storage that offers an accessible way to put or take your coat or hats. It can be mounted to the wall or even on the back of the door. For a small space, coat rack is a very precious storage item. Having a coat rack can be very cheap if you make it yourself. DIY coat rack is easy to learn and you just need to show your basic carpentry skills to make a coat rack quickly and inexpensively.

To make a DIYcoat rack, you need to prepare a section of plywood and lay it horizontally on a flat surface. After that, you can find the direct center of the plywood by measuring up 3 inches along each end. You can place straight edge by marking across the length of the plywood from 3-inch mark to 3 inch mark. Draw a thin line to mark the center of the plywood. Measure 6 inches across the center line and mark every measuring you have taken by drawing a small x at each mark of 6 inch. Now, you can drill the x mar on the plywood using 3/8 inch drill bit. When drilling, don’t break through the back of the plywood. You just need to drill three quarters of the way through the wood. Sand the area around the drilled hole gently using 220-grit sandpaper and remove any wood chips on the surface using a lint-free cloth. After finishing the sand, you can paint the board with your desire color and allow it to dry. If the paint is completely dried, you can place one screw in hook to the drilled hole and screw it until the hook is facing upward.

DIY coat rack can be made from other materials instead of wood. So, explore more to find more ideas to make your own coat rack.

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