How to Build the Wall Mounted Bookcase

Modern Black Wall Mounted Bookcase with Lounge Chair

Wall mounted bookcase is a kind of bookcase which beside good it can also be a good attractive addition to most any room. Moreover, it’s important for you to have one in your home to store your books so that your room is kept clean, especially if you are book collectors and have so many books. Another good thing from this bookcase is that it can be easily build since it doesn’t require any specific skills. Even if you don’t have any experience in any project before, still you can build this kind of bookcase. Therefore, just try to build your own bookcase as soon as possible. Here there will be some instructions in how to build the wall mounted bookcase. Consider using these instructions to guide you build your own bookcase.

Here the instructions how to build wall mounted bookcase are. There are at least three main steps that you should do in having the bookcase installed in your wall. They are building the bookcase, installing the bookcase into the wall, and also the finishing step. Well, let’s get down to the first step which is building the bookcase. Firstly, you need to choose, measure and cut a plywood backing. Match it with the measurement of the bookcase as you want. Consider using at least three-layer plywood to support the bookcase. It’s just because of the books may be so heavy and therefore need thick layers to support the books. Next, you need to attach the hardwood planks to the inside edged of the plywood. It’s important to build the sides of the bookcase. After that, you need to attach the top of the bookcase. Then, just install a wooden stiffening rod and use a power sander to sand the edges and the back board.

Well, building a wall mounted bookcase is easy, isn’t it?


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