Hanging Corner Shelf: Additional Storage for Your Room

Hanging Corner Shelf Nice Floating Design

Hanging corner shelf is one of the useful furniture that you can consider adding into your living room, bedroom, or any other rooms that you want. However, there are some things that you need to consider when applying a hanging corner shelf. Typically, it’s seemed as an easy project; however it should be done with caution. Does all the applying project carefully with the right way since sometimes it is more difficult than expected. It should not bed done without knowledge of proper installation although the installation of the corner shelf is fairly simple. All you need to do this project is not too much.  You’ll need only some simple supplies that it shouldn’t take you too long to prepare unless the space is excessive and you have a lot of shelves to hang. Just prepare some supplies including wood or shelving, tape measure, saw, pencil, drill, screws, wall connectors, level wood, and glue.

After you have finished with all of those preparations, you may move to the instruction how to install a hanging corner shelf then. First of all, you need to determine whether you’ll make the shelf by yourself or purchase pre-made shelves that have been cut, sanded, and painted. As I suggest you, it’s better that you skip step making the shelf, just purchase one at the store to make your job much easier without having to make the shelf first. However, keep in mind to do the right measurement before any purchasing.

The next step that you should do to install hanging corner shelf is determining the perfect angle, width, and height for each shelves and mark the place where each bracket will be installed. Before installing the bracket, consider to drill the wall connectors into the walls for added support and stability underneath the shelves. It’s important to keep it safety.

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