Good Architecture Colleges

Good Architecture Colleges in New Jersey

If you are dreaming to be an architect someday, the first thing you have to do is look for a good education in a good architectural college. This is important to get the best college because you can get your education guaranteed. Fortunately there are many good architecture colleges in the United States you can choose from. Here are some universities you can out into consideration for the sake of education.

Cornell university, as a university receive the 2010 top spot I the Design Intelligence ranking can be a great place you can go to get your education. The architecture, art and planning program is one of the oldest, but this is why the program is trusted to produce many great architects since in the five year program approximately 275 undergraduate students are enrolled. The college began its undergraduate program in 2004 and it also provides a career services to help students find employment and internship. This university located at 139 E. Sibley Hall Ithaca, NY 14853 607-255-5236 or you can visit the website at this is one of the good architecture colleges that you can consider in the United States. Another good university is Sycrause University, which receives a number two ranking in Design Intelligence in 2010 after the Cornell University. It offers both bachelor and master degrees in architecture and approximately 135 undergraduate enroll each year. If you want to enroll, then you must submit an art portfolio addition to proof your academic performance. The classrooms and other facilities are located in the Slocum Hall and the school is also present in the downtown Sycrause where the Research and Real estate is located. It is located at 201 Slocum Hall Syracuse, NY 13244 315-443-5082 or you can visit the website at

There are still some more good architecture colleges in the United States that will give you a great education background for your future career.

Gallery of Good Architecture Colleges

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