Easy Steps Organizing Book Shelfs

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Book shelfs can be a great place to store your favorites collecting books or things you want to keep handy. Arrange your book shelfs to look interesting, neatly, and organized well. Organizing a bookshelf can become easy and fun task you have ever done.

There are nine steps in helping you to organize your favorite collecting books.

First, take everything out of the book shelfs; it so much easier to start. Second, remove some books that no longer you want, you can put them in a box, sell them, or even donate them to local charities or libraries. Third, decide how you want to categorize the books. It could be categorized by popular author, title, and subject. But it’s fine to organize them by height and color although it takes a little extra time. Perhaps you want to organize them by the kind of book; fiction or non-fiction or the books you haven’t read or have read.

Fourth, take out your books and put them down on a floor, bed or etc. then, begin organizing them into categories. Fifth, check and recheck the books you have organized; after they are all organized, check and recheck to make sure you don’t have a book by Zoe Zucker next to a book by Andrew Ardell if you’re going to organize alphabetically. Sixth, place binding side outwards; make sure all of the book spines are facing you when placing the books on the shelf. Seventh, add some lighting; add some lighting to illuminate and add drama to your book shelfs, if you have an empty space you may put a small lamp to get beauty of your shelf and to highlight some of your favorite book. The last, don’t be afraid to move things; you don’t have to keep the same arrangement on your book shelfs, so play with it. Add new object, add a new book, take away some old ones, and use some seasonal pieces. Then keep your book shelfs looking fresh, different, clean and neat by changing a few items at a time

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