Board On Board Fence

Board On Board Fence with rustic

A board on board fence is pretty much the only way in getting true privacy from wood fence. If you get close to atypical privacy fence, you will see that there is space between the pickets allowing you to see between them, and there is not a whole lot you can do about it. The main reason for the space between the pickets is the fact which wood shrinks as it dries out and treated lumber that rarely completely dried out when you buy it. Even your fence is 100% private when it is first built. It will probably end up with spaces between each picket. You also have to take into consideration that most privacy pickets don’t cost a whole lot since they are not a high grade wood. It means that they are rough and usually are not completely straight and it makes very difficult to get the pickets to fit close together at the top and bottom so that you can’t see between them all.

The best way to remedy these problems is to install a board on board fence. It doesn’t matter if the boards aren’t perfectly straight or shrink; you will get complete privacy since this type of fence doesn’t get its privacy by butting the pickets together. It’s reached by covering the space between each picket with another picket. There is another style of board on board fence that most people are not familiar with it. This one resembles siding on a house. Instead of 2 layers of pickets, there is only one layer with this version. It’s made by having each picket slightly overlap the precious picket by an inch or two. When it’s done, there won’t be any spaces that people can peek through and it doesn’t require quite as much wood as the other style.

Gallery of Board On Board Fence

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