Blue Bathroom Ideas

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about redecorating a bathroom. One of the most popular ideas is to decorate a bathroom mostly in blue. Blue is the color of water, and bathrooms are watery places, so there is an obvious fit.

There are a few things to think about to refine your ideas for a blue bathroom. Are the walls going to be blue? If so, will they be painted or tiled? Another idea is to make only the fixtures of the bathroom blue, and finish the walls and floor in neutral colors, allowing the blue fixtures to pop out visually.

You also need to consider which shade of blue best fits the ideas you have in mind for your bathroom. Deep, indigo-type blues are a good idea for bathrooms where you are going for a more intense, sensual vibe. Overly pale and greyish blues, in my opinion, are best used sparingly, as they can give a sort of dreary institutional look to a place, making it look like a hospital or a boarding school.


Gallery of Blue Bathroom Ideas

Blue Bathroom Ideas 7Here's an interesting solution to the prtoblem of picking the right shade of blue - pick 'em all! Note the aquatic effect this createsBlue Bathroom Ideas 5Blue Bathroom Ideas 4This more muted blue is often good for small urban apartment bathroomsThe deeper blue accents of the cabinet and painted plaster around the skylight create a feature-background effectThis blue bathroom creates a nice interplay with natural light

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