Beautiful Ice Sculpture Molds Decorating Ideas

Beautiful and Romantic Ice Sculpture Molds Decor

Are you having a plan to decorate the next party at your place with ice sculpture molds, but have no clue where to start? Well, staying with me here a bit while might give you useful information, especially for those who are looking for an easy way to make ice sculpture molds. More and more people now opt for this kind of decoration. Indeed, it is a great decoration stuff not to mention easy to find as well since a lot of Craft stores sell the premade kind of molds with unique design and shape, such as hearts, swans and other generic shapes, but most of us are trying to find something different. People are trying to get one of a kind ice sculpture mold that could perfectly match the theme of the party you are about to make. So, what are you going to do about it anyway, my friends? Let’s read the rest of this article now!

To make the ice sculpture mold, you have to prepare few things, such as desired mold shape (vase, piggy bank, or statue), scotch tape, cake pan, foil paper, paintbrush, liquid latex, first-aid gauze, and do not forget the talc powder as well. Once the materials required are ready, start by taking the item you want to make, and cover the holes with Scotch tape. Cover the pan with foil, lay the item to the pan, and you could start painting the liquid latex. Let the paint dry for almost 40 minutes and then add another layer. Use first-aid gauze to cover the item and get the studier mold. Let those layers dry for one night.

The next day, use the talk powder, peel the latex off, and last, simply lay item on the pan once more. So, it is pretty easy thing to do.

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