Bathroom Shower Tile Designs

Black and White Bathroom Shower Tile Designs

Tiling your bathroom shower will give a special effect to your bathroom especially when you are showering. Installing tile in your bathroom shower can be done using some simple and inexpensive design. So, creating bathroom shower tile designs doesn’t have to be expensive. You can make it budget friendly using some ideas here.

The tile for your bathroom shower is usually installed for both floor and wall. for the floor, you need to choose the right material since this place has  high density moisture that can cause you to slip if you don’t choose the right tile. Smaller tile is more appropriate since it allows the floor slope to the drain. The texture of the tile should be rougher to avoid any slipping. You can make an organic pattern using stone pebble tiles or make other designs using mosaic tiles.

Bathroom shower tile designs can be created by single color and size. you can make a regularity using one size of  tiles for your shower walls. It is also useful to hide any imperfections of your walls. Installing a single pattern in the walls doesn’t need to be even or straight. You can go with a little mess surface using brick row pattern to create an interesting look. You can turn the tiles in a diagonal to create an awesome finish. If one color and size is too boring, you can jazz up your bathroom shower using accents. You can choose different color tiles and install them around the walls at eye level to create an interesting line.

You can use the same tile colors as the trim of your faucet to integrate the accents well. if you want to hide dirt in your bathroom , you can simply install matte tiles while for creating a clean shine, high-gloss tile is appropriate. Those are somebathroom shower tile designs that can be applied to create an interesting look to your bathroom shower.

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