Baker Furniture History

Baker Furniture History with fancy livingroom

Baker furniture is one of the leading companies of furniture, which is very popular and trusted as a great company providing high quality furniture. if you like shopping from this manufacturer, you may also curious about the Baker furniture history and everything has happened for decades that make this company becomes one of the best. Knowing about its history may make you more interesting by furnishing your home with Baker furniture.

This company actually built at 1890 by Hiram Delano, Henry cook and Siebe Baker, but this was originally built not as a furniture company. However, at 190, this company began produce furniture, which later became a part 0f a major furniture revolution in the Grnd Rapids. Its name originally was cook, Baker & company, but in 1903, 10 years after the company started producing furniture, it became Baker & Co. Baker was the only name because he has bought out his partners and his son, Hollis Baker, join the business as soon as he has graduated. Baker furniture history is quite interesting since this company built well by the owner in producing and growing the products. The growth of the company was very significant when Baker & Co purchased the Lane Piano Factory in Holland, Mich. After purchasing the lane, this company moved in 1933. Since the growth, the furniture from Baker can be found both in Grand Rapids and New York city. In order to expand the growth of the company, Baker & co planned to purchase the Williams-Kimp company and the Grand Rapids chair company. After many years this company serving its customer, in 1969, it came to the third generation, the grandson of the original founder, Hollis M. Baker sold the company to Magnovax. So, in 2010, this company is owned by the Koehler company.

From the Baker furniture history, it is obvious why this company named as Baker and how this company built its name to be a good manufacturer in furniture.

Gallery of Baker Furniture History

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