American Upholstery Sleeper Sofas

Comfort Line American Upholstery Sleeper Sofas

Living in a small space forces you to think big about what kinds of furniture that should be added to provide function without having to sacrifice the space. This is a difficult task to choose the right furniture that fit exactly into small spaces. However, American Upholstery provides the solution with sleeper sofas. American Upholstery sleeper sofas are specially manufactured for comfort seekers. With the size that will fit exactly into you small spaces and the comfortable mattress, you have no reason to not choose the sleeper sofas.

Talking about sleeper sofas, you may have a bad experience with them. Your old sleeper sofas can be not comfortable at all with the metal bars under the mattress. So, when you are lying on the mattress, what you get is not a comfort, but pain in your back. This is why American Upholstery sleeper sofas come with no metal bars under the mattress, but a solid wood base instead. So, you won’t find the uncomfortable metal bars when you are lying. The wood base provides a more stable construction just like you are not sleeping on a sleeper sofa, but a sleeping area. The sofa included also not only a sofa, but also storage space. So, you will find storage to keep your pajamas and pillows during the day. if you think that a sleeper sofa can’t accommodate your height, American Upholstery provides eight different sizes for the sleeper sofas.

You can choose the size from cot, twin, full, queen, queen plus, king, chaise sectional, and true sectional. So, you can easily customize the size of the sofas with your height and your space. The sleeper sofa also featured with spring-loaded mechanism that allows you to easily pull the mattress. Also, there are several different fabrics and colors that you can match to your room décor. American Upholstery sleeper sofas provide a more benefits than traditional sleeper sofas that you may have been experienced with. So, you can try a different experience using the sleeper sofas from American Upholstery.


Gallery of American Upholstery Sleeper Sofas

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